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Bridal Bouquet - BTR 11.jpg

Wedding Bouquets for Bali Brides & Bridesmaids

Flower Corner delights in the more romantic version of hand tied bouquets, something that is hard to come by in other florists on the island. 

Flower Corner can create your wedding flowers in any style. Each of the styles can serve a purpose and work wonders, depending on the style of your wedding in Bali. Your wedding arrangement will depend a lot on the design of your wedding dress. That is why the first step to design your wedding decoration is to create your perfect bridal bouquet. 


If you would like Flower Corner - your florist in Bali - to create your flower arrangement or floral bouquet, allow us to make your statement in our special way... Creativity and a marvellous use of available plants and blossoms in what makes us stand out from the crowd - as plants do - with any budget. 

For Stylish Bali Brides & Bridesmaids

Bridal Bouquet - DR_11
Bridesmaid`s Bouquet - TC 21
Bridal Bouquet - PL 11
'Tropical Bohemian' bridal
Bridal Bouquet - BTR 11
Bridal Bouquet - PT 11
Bridal Bouquet - TB 12
Glamour bridesmaid's bouquet
Bridesmaid's Bouquet - TE 23
Copy of s_12355849_10154381266762137_585244910_o
'peach dream' bouquet
'Pink Romance' bridal
'Gold Touch' bridal bouquet
bride's bouquet bali
'Tropical Elegance' bridal
Pastel bridesmaid's bouqet
Orchid bridesmaid's bouquet
wedding flowers bali
yellow wedding bouquet bali
romantic wedding flower bouquet bali
tropical wedding bouquet bali
wedding flowers bali
bridesmaid's bouquet bali
wedding flower bouquet bali
rustic white wedding bouquet bali
baby's breath wedding flower bali
rustic wedding flower bouquet bali
wedding bouquet bali
tropical wedding bali
romantic wedding flower bouquet bali
frangipani wedding flower bouquet
orchid wedding bouquet bali
bride's bouquet bali
white wedding flower bouquet bali
wedding flowers bali
orchid bouquet bali
protea bouquet bali
wedding flower bouquet bali
succulent wedding bouquet bali
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