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STYLE of the wedding: rustic-romantic

COLOUR THEME of the wedding: white, turquoise, baby blue

Main FLOWERS of the wedding decoration:

rose, sedap malam (tuberose), light blue hydrangea, chrysanthemum mini, baby's breath

Rustic weddings are trending more than ever in Bali. We loved to create this decoration, as by selecting the proper flowers and décor elements, you can immediately feel and get enchanted in the charming, nature-inspired atmosphere. The bride's bouquet was elegant and breathtaking in its simplicity. We composed it of gorgeous roses in pastel shades and white baby's breath. In order to reach a perfect, eye-catching harmony, the groom's boutonniere was a miniature of the bridal bouquet - however, we created it of a single bloom of rose and a branch of baby's breath. This harmony reflected also in the wedding arch: we placed gorgeous huge bouquets in the angles of a bambu structure that consisted mainly of white roses. The decoration on the tables also followed the charming rustic line: burlap runners were stretching across the tables and you could find lovely little flower arrangements made of white roses, chrysanthemum and blue hydrangea. These were put in jars and decorated with burlap and lace. To enhance the romantic rustic ambience, we placed genuine rustic elements here and there: birdcages hanging off tree branches, bicycle wheels resting on the floor. Of course, all decorated with beautiful flower bouquets. We also thought of the little guests attending the event: we created cute little bouquets for the girls. They were composed of white chrysanthemum mini and we can tell, the girls loved it.

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