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Wedding Lookbook 2024


If you would like a marriage more beautiful than your wedding, then make your wedding as stunning as possible with Flower Corner. You know, it’s all in the fine floral detail.

Within this Wedding Booklet, draw inspiration from our pages, but feel free to get creative to allow us to work along side you in designing your perfect and ideal floral setting for your special day. Mix and match, play and dabble with the colour themes of the collections, after all Mother Nature has given us the gift of her blooms as a palette and to perfume our space.

All our Collections contain bridal bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquet, boutonnier, table decor, ceremony decor and chair decor. Please contact us for prices and all the details.


Our team is here to make your wedding all you have ever dreamt it to be.

Are you planning your wedding in Bali?

All our Collections contain bridal bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquet, boutounnier, table decor, ceremony decor and chair decor.

Click on the Picture to See the Full Collection.

Sweet Peach 

It suits well for the feminine and graceful brides.

Simple Chic

Clean, fresh, pure and does let the bride shine.

Pure Love

Simple, natural look mixed with a little romance.

Countryside Collection

Down to earth and very present is the feel of this stunning collection.

Tropical Bohemian

Bold, bright colours will brighten up your happiest day.


Earth Collection

Keep the feel of your wedding and reception very real and natural.

Desert Rose

Whimsical, feathery and ethereal.

Tropical Chic

Lush greens, amazing blooms and a touch of tropical vibes.

Blush Tropical Romance

Stylish wedding with amazing blooms and lush tropical greenery.

Pastel Romance

Classic with a rustic twist creates an absolutely lovely look. 

Tropical Elegance

Infuse your wedding with a tropical vibe using these beautiful ideas.

Lighting Inspiration

Decor Lighting

Lighting sets the mood, and creates a glorious warm atmosphere.

Flower Corner's energy is drawn from the seasonal and unpredictable creativity of the flowers and plants that the stylist's and florists must abide by on Bali due to the seasonal nature of floral productivity. Some bouquets may be minimal, some bouquets may be tropical, or some flower arrangements very organic - everyday is a pleasant surprise of what Mother Nature may provide through her blooms.

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